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INAT echolink is a Serial Ethernet converter. With echolink, devices without network adapter are able to communicate via network. Echolink supports a wide range of serial protocols. Therefore echolink is much more than a simple data converter. It supports complex applications such as PLC programming or process data visualisation.


 · Visualization, Measurement data logging, Statistics etc.
 · Programming of Simatic S7 / S5 / 505 via LAN and WAN (with VCOM no Softnet* required)
 · Remote maintenance of the S7 / S5 / 505 via LAN and WAN
 · Ethernet interface for Simatic S5 (AG 90U, 95U, 100U, 115U, 135U, 150U, 155U) via PG port
 · Ethernet interface for Simatic S7 (S7-200, S7-300, S7-400) via MPI / PPI port
 · Modbus RTU (serial) to Modbus on TCP converter
 · Active data transfer between PLCs without programming (echoactive)
 · Integration of older systems and devices without Ethernet interface into the network
 · Fetch / Write communication with S5 PLCs without handling blocks
 · Webserver functionality to realize small visualization projects: Visualization without PHP, ActiveX, Perl, Applets et
  al. only with HTML
 · Optional: Integrated switch to connect other network nodes
 · Ethernet interface for Honeywell / Kl?ckner-M?ller IPC controllers via CIM port (ABC protocol)

Protocol Diversity

 · S7 PLCs with MPI/PPI interface ==> with MPI onboard no MPI adapter is required
 · S5 PLCs and programming devices
 · all devices with RS232/422/485 interface e.g. Scales, Scanner
 · Kl?ckner-Moeller IPC-620 PLCs

Decodes Protocols up to Layer 7

 · Conventional Serial Ethernet Converters master only protocols from layer 1 up to layer 4 of the ISO / OSI reference
  model. Communication is restricted to the transport layer i.e. transfer of raw data (layer 4 communication,
  Send /Receive)
 · In addition to the transport protocols, echolink supports application protocols. Protocol conversion of all seven
  layers of the ISO / OSI reference model is possible.
 · As these "higher-level" protocols are supported, complex applications become possible: process data
  visualisation, communication between different controller worlds (Siemens, Schneider etc) or programming.

Echoactive Function: Data transfer between PLCs without changing the program

 · A distinction is drawn between active and passive job types: active writing of data to the partner station and active
  fetching of data from the partner station are active job types as well as Send / Receive jobs.
 · What kind of jobs are possible depends primarily on the used protocol. With certain protocols only passive jobs
  are possible (e.g. S5 PLC with AS511 protocol: PLC is able to receive data and to provide data, but the PLC is
  not able to send data actively or to fetch data from another PLC)
 · With the function echoactive, devices, that are - in consequence to their protocol - not able to execute active
  jobs, receive this possibilty.
 · Echolink is monitoring specific data-values in the PLC. When the values change, then the echolink is fetching the
  data from the PLC and is sending them across the network to the specified communication partner.


 · Programming the S7/S5 is possible via Ethernet with S7/S5 for Windows as well as with STEP* 5 / STEP* 7.
 · With VCOM, included in the range of delivery, Softnet* is no longer required.
 · Programming AEG PLCs (A 120 / A 150) via LAN and WAN

 · Programming AEG PLCs (A 120 / A 150) via LAN and WAN
Communication between PLCs

 · Communication between PLCs via LAN and WAN.
 · Communication between two PLCs serially connected to echolink


 · Echolink is equipped with top hat rail adapter
 · An adapter for S7-300 rail mounting is available as option

Easy Parameterization

 · Online via IP
 · Online via H1
 · Seriall
 · Offline

Technical Details:

 · Including top hat rail adapter
 · Including VCOM for Programming via Ethernet


A connector power pack is not included in the delivery, If necessary order it separately.
 · Version EURO
 · Version UK
 · Version USA
Echolink basic is not equipped with interface modules, You has to order it separately.
 · A maximum number of two MPI interfaces
 · MPI interface on COM1 is not possible
 · A maximum number of four RS485 interfaces
 · With one ore more TTY interface(s) a maximum number of two RS232 interfaces
 · With one or more RS485 interface(s) a maximum number of two RS232 interfaces
 · Combination of RS422 and RS485 not possib

Order data
  Ethernet Interface: 1 x RJ45, 10 / 100 Mbps
  Transport Protocols:
ISO on TCP (RFC1006),
TCP/IP with PLC Header,
ISO (H1)
  Applications Protocols S7 Protokoll,
Modbus on TCP,
Send / Receive (Raw/ Socket)
  Serial Interfaces: 1 up to 5 serial interfaces;
Basic device without interface modules
  Serial Protocols AS511 (S5-PG),
3964(R), RK512,
Modbus RTU,
NITP / K-Sequence
ABC (IPC 620 PLCs)
  Power Supply: 24 V DC, ca. 1,1 A
  Dimensions[in mm]: L = 110, D = 120, H = 120
    Order Numbers:
echolink echolink basic 200-6500-01
Adapter for S7-300 rail mounting 700-5600-01
Serial protocol for IPC PLCs 200-6560-01
Interface modules for echolink basic MPI 200-6580-01
MPI 2 port 200-6580-02
RS232 200-6581-01
TTY (20 mA) 200-6582-01
RS422 floating 200-6583-01
RS485 floating 200-6585-01
Connector power pack 24 V DC Version EURO 700-5596-01
Version UK 700-5596-02
Version USA 700-5596-03
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