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Internet Modem Access Router

Remote Access – access production data whenever and from wherever you want. Data is continously available:
reaction to problems can be immediate; your production is maintaned.

Usually ISDN Routers are used to connect different Ethernet networks via WAN (Telephone, Internet).
If ISDN is not available or could only be installed at great expense, you can use a Router with PSTN Network Compatibility. Echoroute is such a Router.

Technical Data
Protocols: PPP, static IP routing, NAT (post Routing), DHCP client
Security Features : PAP, CHAP, MS-CHAP, Call Back, Firewall (available ex quarter II/05)
Physical Interfaces: · Ethernet LAN connection: 1 x RJ45, 10/100 Mbps
· 1 x RJ45, for analog connection (cable included in delivery)
· 1 x RS232, for local / serial configuration
Power Supply : 18...36 V DC, ca. 1,1 A
Dimensions [in mm]: 76 x 120 x 120
Scope of Supply: · Echoroute
· 1 x Telephone cable, RJ45-RJ11, 5m
· 1 x Adapter RJ11-TAE-F
Order number : 200-6900-01
Application 1: PSTN LAN to LAN ROUTER

 · Data transfer between Ethernet LANs via PSTN
 · Secure LAN to LAN connectivity e.g. remote maintenance of PLCs

Application 2: REMOTE ACCESS

 · Direct coupling between LAN and remote User via Modem / Router connection e.g. for
      programming (programming software runs locally)

Application 3: INTERNET ACCESS

 · The classical application: enables multiple users to access the Internet
 · Connect to the Internet at 56K using Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)

Order data
echoroute   900-6900-01
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